At The Pavingstone Pros we know the value of using quality local products that is why we have chosen these two as our only suppliers for brick. Both Barkman and Belgard are companies that pride themselves in having the best product available to customers. Barkman is a company that started right here in Manitoba. It has been around since 1948 always pushing the limits of creativity and innovation in the precast concrete industry. Barkman has quickly made a name for itself across Canada and even into the states with some of their products being installed around the world. Barkman believes in standing by their contractors one hundred percent and always ensures a job well done. Belgard has been around since 1995 and has since exploded with their product being manufactured and used across North America. Belgard has also implemented a special authorization process for its contractors and dealers, in where they demand only the best to install and sell their product. Both Barkman and Belgard offer lifetime warranties on all their products so you can be assured that everything will is made to the highest degree of quality.