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As a leading Winnipeg paving stone and landscaping contractor, you’ve come to the right place for a relaxed and enjoyable experience.  Every paving stone and landscaping project we complete, whether a brick sidewalkstone patio or larger projects like paving stone driveways and retaining walls, all are backed by our rock solid 2 year warranty.


At The Pavingstone Pros, we believe that every customer should have a pleasant experience with us from the first time we talk on the phone to the last handshake. This is our obligation to our clients - to be honest and have integrity when dealing with your hardscaping project. All our hardscaping is completed above the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute specifications. We know that home owners take pride in their home and so should their landscaping contractors, that is why we hold ourselves to the highest degree of quality in all our hardscape projects. 

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At The Pavingstone Pros we know the value of using quality local products that is why we have chosen these two as our only suppliers for brick. Both Barkman and Belgard are companies that pride themselves in having the best product available to customers. Barkman is a company that started right here in Manitoba. It has been around since 1948 always pushing the limits of creativity and innovation in the precast concrete industry. Barkman has quickly made a name for itself across Canada and even into the states with some of their products being installed around the world. Barkman believes in standing by their contractors one hundred percent and always ensures a job well done. Belgard has been around since 1995 and has since exploded with their product being manufactured and used across North America. Belgard has also implemented a special authorization process for its contractors and dealers, in where they demand only the best to install and sell their product. Both Barkman and Belgard offer lifetime warranties on all their products so you can be assured that everything will is made to the highest degree of quality.


Landscape and Design


Are you looking for an eye catching landscape? We have the expertise and know-how to design and build a beautifully landscaped yard. We offer full landscaping services including grading, soil and sod, decorative stone, patios, retaining walls, as well as gardens and plants. Every person is unique and that should be expressed in the design.  Whether it’s a yard full of foliage or a simple low maintenance yard, we can beautify every aspect of your property.  With each landscaping service in Winnipeg, our goal is for both you the customer and us the landscaper to be proud of the work we have accomplished. All of our work is backed by a 2 year warranty. Getting professionals to hardscape your yard is a great investment for your property - after all its the one thing that everyone sees when they walk or drive by. Curb appeal adds that extra touch to your yard and value to your property.  

When looking for a Winnipeg landscaping contractor, always look at reviews on the internet to make sure they have a good reputation. Also, make sure they have Worker’s Compensation because if they don’t, the liability for injuries falls on to you the owner.  As well your landscape contractor should have private liability insurance just in case they do accidently damage your home or property. Rest assured The Paving Stone Pros are fully insured and well-reviewed by our customers.





Why should you consider a paving stone driveway in Winnipeg? On top of their amazing curb appeal and beauty vs concrete, concrete is prone to cracking, creating unsightly lines that get worse with our extreme freeze and thaw cycles. Paving stones - known as flexible pavement - can move with these cycles making them less prone to cracks. Paving Stones are manufactured with a lot less water than poured concrete which makes them more durable and last longer. Paving stones are only between 2 and 3 inches thick, allowing for more base and are lighter than concrete which prevents them from shifting and sinking as quickly.  Aside from this practicality, the best part of paving stone driveways are the many design opportunities. There are countless options when it comes to style and colour. The Pavingstone Pros guide you through the process to find the most suitable fit.

Brick Walkways


Brick walkways – like an interlocking paving stone sidewalk, garden path or fire pit circle - add beauty to your yard.  There have been many advancements in the interlocking stone industry which eliminated many problems that plagued paving stone from years ago. Weeds are now non-existent in most applications, as well as pesky bugs such as ants are eliminated. Water no longer penetrates through to the bases helping them hold their beauty and function for years. Paving stone walkways add that touch of class and our supplier backs their stone with a lifetime warranty.


Stone Veneer


If you love the look of natural stone siding but are concerned about the cost and complications consider hiring The Pavingstone Pros to complete your project. With over 5 years experience in the stone veneer industry, we have the expertise to complete your project whether big or small. Stone masonry offers a timeless setting in any part of your house whether it's a fireplace, feature wall, kitchen backsplash, or to add timeless beauty to the exterior of your house. There are many different styles and colours to suit the taste and style of your home. Contact us for a free consultations on any stone veneer project you may have in mind for your home.


Stone Patios


Thinking of transforming part of your backyard to a stone patio Winnipeg?  The design potential for a paving stone patio is endless with different options of style and colour or mixing different stones together can add a truly unique patio to your yard. Or consider a paving slab patio which are bigger than paving stones and mainly used for projects that do not require as heavy loads as paving stone as they are designed for pedestrian traffic only. Slabs still use the same manufacturing process as paving stones which ensures they are stronger than concrete as there is a smaller amount of water used which prevents cracking during freeze and thaw cycles.  Call us today or click below to set up a free consultation on a new stone patio for your home.



Retaining Walls


Think you might need retaining walls Winnipeg?… Does your yard have a large slope and you wish you had more level ground?  Would you rather walk down steps instead of a slippery decline? A retaining wall allows you to have more level and usable land. We can terrace your yard for you with retaining walls giving you space for lower level grass, beds, or a patio.

We build all our walls to industry specs, with proper base, compaction, geogrid, and drainage to combat the forces of nature from pushing the wall out. We are a certified retaining wall builder through Allan Block, which is the world leader in retaining wall blocks.

Stairs are one of our specialties and can be incorporated into a wall or stand alone. All our steps are built with proper slope to allow water to run off and not build up and freeze on the steps over the winter. As well our steps are built with proper riser height and tread depth to ensure safety. Call The Pavingstone Pros for a free consultation on a retaining wall and stairs.